Thursday, January 27, 2011

Geekopolis Sale

So there is this little Etsy shop I have been quietly stalking admiring for a while. Geekopolis has quirky, nerdy needlework art at great prices. Unfortunately for Redd, their Xbox died, but she’s having a sale so I’m having a hard time being sympathetic. I’m too busy combing the house for spare change.

This one would make a unique valentine for my nerdy sweetheart! (Not that it would be a surprise. Hi honey!)



We’ve only just gotten into Big Bang Theory (we’re behind, I know) but this little Sheldon quip suits us nicely.



And since I’m slightly obsessed with Chocobos, I would definitely love this little one in cross-stitch. It’s miniature, so I know I have room!



If you like what you see, hop over to Geekopolis and use the code XBOX20 to get 20% off! Help a nerd in need and get some cute stuff while you’re at it.

I have not been compensated in any way for this post, I just really like this store!


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  1. I must ask...what is a Chocobos?

    Thanks for your comment about my messy, messy fridge. There actually is a ginormous jar of garlic in there (2 pounds, I think!) but you just can't see it because it's blocked by all those other bottles and jars :p


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