I am a twenty-three year old, stay-at-home/work-at-home mother to a beautiful one year old baby girl. I have been crafting for as long as I can remember and I have a hard time choosing what kind of crafts I like best, so I do a little of everything! With my wonderful husband still in school my crafting has to be done on a budget, both money and time. I am applying my creativity to all the parts of my home, from decoration to organization!

My tastes are usually described as eclectic when someone is being nice, but I'm pretty used to being called weird. I'm a total nerd- D&D, Star Wars, anime, the works. It can influence my crafting pretty heavily sometimes, because I love dragons and space ships the way some women love fleur de lis and roses. I'll put them anywhere I have an excuse to. With my husband being equally nerdy, it's welcome in almost any part of our home.

Besides nerdy things I enjoy being surrounded by bright colors, cute things, and plenty of coffee. I love miniatures, dolls, and making baked goods (but not the clean up after). I started blogging for my own joy, but hopefully other people will enjoy it too!

I also have a little lifestyle blog, Nerd Family Living, that I will admit I do not update often enough. It's my take on parenthood from a nerdy perspective.

Would you like to contact me? I respond quickly to comments on my blog, but for more privacy you can email me at caffienateddoll@gmail.com.