Monday, January 24, 2011

Craft Fail- Ribbon Organizer Take 1

We all have them. Somehow, when I do it, it’s pretty big. Or maybe I just blow things out of proportion? Either way, I’ll share with you my big fat shelf fail.

My ribbon organizer was frustrating from the beginning. The original finish was poorly done, and paint didn’t stick to the glossy surface. But I got past that and started with the Mod Podge. I was about halfway done when I decided that I hated it.


At this point I’m sure you’re asking why. There’s nothing strictly wrong with it, aside from some little imperfections easily fixed when finishing. But the pastel patchwork was too country cottage for me. Pretty, but very much not my style, and not suiting the look I had in mind for the room. I was determined to salvage it by adding bolder colors and crazier patchwork. At first I thought it was working, but it was too much.

Today I gazed upon the Frankenstein monster and gave up. The paper was four and five layers deep in some places, the edges ragged from repeated trimmings, and thanks to the architecture of the shelf I had never shaken that “cottage” feel. This thing caused more heartache (and a few tears) than it was worth. I won’t throw it out. It’s still a great ribbon shelf. But I’ll strip it and go at it from a new angle.

With that decision made, I started grabbing every loose edge and corner I could find and ripping it away. I was upset and it was cathartic. But during this process my husband, who knows no fear, came up and asked, “So, how much time and paper did you waste?”

I don’t know how he has lived this long. But here is your answer, honey.


A lot.


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  1. such a shame, and i absolutely loved the first version by the way.


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