Monday, January 10, 2011

Fleecy Winter Hat

Before I go on to the actual project I feel the need to say HELLO to new followers! I’m slightly in awe to have some. I started this little blog only by putting some self-doubt and insecurities aside. In fact, I have a post all queued up to publish tomorrow about the top 5 reasons I shouldn’t be a craft blogger. To get online this morning and see that my simple little post about making chalkboard paint had four hundred and fifty-five page views, less than 48 hours after posting, about gave me a heart attack. So even if I don’t reply personally to every single comment ever, and even if you get bored and stop following me because I’m not a super craft guru, know that I appreciate every single one of you. For reals.

It’s snowing at Nerd HQ today, and the offspring didn’t have a warm enough hat. She has a little kitty hat that I crocheted (which will be featured after I finally get around to sewing the pink felt inside the ears), but it does let in a little air. This hasn’t been a problem before with a hood, but she’s had an ear infection and I wanted to be extra-sure she was protected. I would probably have gone the lazy route and bought a hat months ago, but she is tiny (17 1/2lbs at 14 months) and all the hats at the store are huge. Luckily we had some adorable scrap fleece from making her a knotted fleece blanket. The blankie had also been a result of her tiny size- she coveted mine, but often tripped herself trying to drag it around. Now she has a blankie that gets carried everywhere and one of the cutest hats I’ve ever seen. Best yard of fleece I’ve ever bought.


I started with the Pigtail Hat from Infarrantly Creative. Originally the idea was to make the top a little longer so I could tie ribbons around the corners instead of making pigtails, but as it turned out I made the top too long. Instead, I gathered the whole top of the hat and added a ruffle. It’s very pom-pom-esque. I love when an experiment goes completely right.


I love the ruffle over the seam, too.


I just love the hat! Maybe if I had enough fleece I’d try to make one for myself, but I guess I’ll have to stick with my panda hat. A girl only needs one hat that makes strangers question her age anyway.


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  1. I want some of those for my kids and ME!!!! SO cool!

  2. that i awesome!!! i have the opposite problem my just turned 4 year old has a huge head (just like his Dad) and finding hats to fit is hard work.
    Congratulations on the blog success it's fun isnt it i've just hit 31 followers and was so excited!!
    Found via the linky party on lamb around, come check out my links

  3. This is definitely a cut above the average fleece hat. I thought I was clever making fleece hats last year, but this is special. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  4. That ruffle makes the hat! What pretty photos :)

  5. So cute! Love all those vibrant colors on the white snow.


  6. Absolutely adorable!!! LOVE that ruffle!


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