Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why I shouldn’t be a craft blogger

There are many, many reasons that I almost didn’t start this blog, or that keep me doubting even as I forge ahead. But when I really put them in perspective, most of them just make me laugh.

1. I don’t redecorate for every season/holiday.

Christmas is pretty much it, and that’s just a tree, my mantel shelf for stockings and a door wreath. I have a vague hope to do more decorating when I have kids old enough to appreciate it, but we’ll see. For now don’t expect to see a lot of seasonal projects from me.


2. I wear t-shirts and jeans, no jewelry and no make-up.

I like cute, bright, girly décor but my personal style is not very feminine. It’s barely style. Pre-parenthood I had a young, funky, eclectic style (mostly involving rainbow jewelry and punky accessories) that I left behind because it’s impractical and a bit juvenile for a mother, even one only 23. I refuse to move on to collared shirts, cardigans and slacks. I’ll do it if I have to go back to work someday, but probably not by choice then.


3. I don’t like burlap.

Or pennants, or rosettes, or toile, or things decoupaged with old books. I’m just not into some of the styles that seem to be popular among crafters, at least for the moment. I can appreciate their beauty but I wouldn’t put them in my home.

4. My resources are limited.

I’ve mentioned already that the nearest Hobby Lobby is an hour away. JoAnne’s and Michael’s are even further. We do have both a Lowe’s and Home Depot but anyone with a toddler knows that a twenty minute drive takes forever, too. Ikea, which seems to fuel quite a few craft bloggers, doesn’t even have a store in my state.


5. I don’t have lots of craft time.

Honestly when I get a lot done I have probably been neglecting housework. My daughter doesn’t really nap or sleep alone at night with any consistency. How can I blog about crafts when I can barely do them?


These are the top five, the ones that repeat themselves any time I question myself, but there are many others. Despite my doubts I’ll keep blogging. In the end this is for me, to chronicle my Nook’s transformation and share a few projects I’m proud of. And every time one of you shows a little love I know it’s worth it. Whether I have 500 followers or just one (and I will always have one, since hubby dearest is a reader!) I love my blog.




  1. I still have my tripp jeans and break 'em out a few times a month. Who cares about whether or not other moms are wearing it? I'd actually say go for the funky colors if it makes you happy. Life is too short to worry about fashion faux pas.

    I know what you mean though, about most of the other stuff. I'm kind of just a half-arsed blogger. I put forth half the effort on my blog which is the exact amount that's right for me.

    I actually just saw your blog the other day and now I'm a new follower. I like what you say at the end of your post- about doing this for yourself. That's a good thought to keep with you.

    Personally I look forward to seeing what else you create. Keep up the good work! (...If you feel like it of course. ^_^)

  2. You sound like me!! My house is a mess, as am I. I prefer geeky/punky clothing & decor, but as a parent of 3 littles, I don't have time for that, either. I am cheap. I don't really like any of the decorator thigns that seem to be so popular with people.

    It works for me, though!! People seem to love my blog. We should be BFFs. :)

  3. You gals are awesome. (And so are your blogs- I follow!) Thanks for the encouragement. <3


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