Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plans and Projects for 2011

I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions. When I feel the need to make a change in my life, I think it should happen ASAP. Still, there is something about the rollover of the clock at midnight that feels magical. Resolutions or no, I find myself looking forward to all the plans and hopes of the coming months.

This is the year that I will finally get to make our house a home. I’ve had a variety of excuses since we moved in, some better than others, but we always seem to be in a state of flux with one thing or another feeling unfinished. Right now my health is good, we have a little spending money here and there, and my daughter is getting old enough to entertain herself while I work. The excuses are over!

Winter Projects:

Craft nook- Ribbon organizer, chalk label storage containers, desk refinishing, organization in general

Storage/Office Space- Erect shelves, organize, deep clean, organize (yup, there’s a lot of this), curtains, make it generally more manly

Hall/Kids Bath- Refinish the rusty/chipped old tub (hubby’s project, actually), make it kid-friendlier with lower mirror and hand towel and a cute stepstool, more towel hooks, wall art, window curtain

Living Room- Figure out how to decorate the “mantel” shelf

Master Bedroom- Organizing! And maybe some more wall art

Master Bathroom- More storage, bright and cheerful wall art

Spring Projects:

Spring cleaning! Carpets, closets and cabinets

Girl’s Bedroom- Paint, furnish, and decorate; we’re pretty much starting from scratch on this one, it has been hubby’s office before now.

Play Room/Nursery- Curtains, toy storage and cleanout

Back Yard- Replant the garden, get rid of a little brush pile

Front Yard- Prep the flower bed and maybe find some cute plants?

Summer Projects:

Back Yard- Power wash the deck and decide if it needs refinishing

Front Yard- Porch art, driveway sign, street numbers

Fall is still up in the air for us. Hubby graduates in Spring, and since he is a teacher he will hopefully be starting a new job in August. Ideally he’ll get a teaching job in this area and the only thing that will change is that I won’t need to babysit and I’ll have even more free time. Less ideally we will have to move, or he will have to remain in his current job and I’ll still be babysitting. Many prayers are going into this and there will be even more as the time approaches. Until then I won’t worry, I’ll just keep crafting!

Happy New Year from the Nook!

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