Monday, December 20, 2010

Stash Bust Resolution

I've made all my Christmas gifts this year (that's another post entirely!), and as craft projects often do, they have left me with lots of leftover scraps and supplies. Add those to the myriad of supplies that I already have, and I decided that it is way past time for a stash bust.

I'm working on my dedicated crafting space, the lovely nook that gives the blog its name, but I really just have too much stuff. Organizing will help immensely, but using things up will help more. So I've resolved not to buy any more craft supplies until after my birthday in April. There will be only three strict guidelines for exceptions.

1. I run out of a basic supply, like black or white thread, black or white yarn, glue, or Mod Podge. This is not likely.

2. I break something. I can't very well bust my stash if my tools are broken. This is kind of a variation of rule one, but different enough to stand alone.

3. I need something for my big top secret project. I have one of those. It is really important that it turns out perfect, so if I don't have the right materials in my stash, they must be bought. I originally began the project with materials I already had, so it is doing its part to bust the stash too. And no, I'm not sharing what it is yet.

My genuine hope is that I will find so much inspiration in my current supplies that I'll have projects lined up long past my original deadline. I easily fall prey to the sin of craft lust, so I made my goal pretty conservative.
To inspire myself (and maybe you!) I've searched for some beautifully organized craft spaces.

I love the colors in this room from Home Design, and the stacks of fabric and glass jars that keep everything visible.

More beautiful colors! I'm jealous of the built-in cabinets in this room from HGTV.

I found this little beauty of a pegboard over at {Craft Addict} and I'm filled with desire. I haven't made much jewelry in a while but it was one of my early crafty loves. I may need one of these.

I love the giant memory board wall in this little room space I found at Better Homes and Gardens!

These super cute repurposed cans are also from BH&G! I'm so doing this one! Cans are free and don't count against the stash bust... right?

Hopefully these and many other ideas will keep me on track. Wish me luck!


  1. I'm working on my craft nook too but first is to find and clean the space. :P
    I received my first sewing machine for Christmas so I have some drive now.
    Cute blog!

  2. this is such a sweet corner!


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