Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If you wanna be my bloggy BFF...

If you want to be my bloggy BFF, there are some things you need to know...

I look pretty darn average. I'm 5'5", have brown hair that I cannot style, and wear glasses. Boring.

My daughter is my life.

I was raised Christian and I'm not afraid to share the word of God, but I fear being labeled a "Bible-thumping bigot" so sometimes I don't speak up when I should.

I don't have any local mommy friends, my "IRL" friends are still single and kidless.

I'm 100% unabashed nerd. I'm so nerdy my nerd friends are weirded out by how nerdy I am. Only my husband understands and that's one of many reasons that I love him.

I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Mario, and anything with dragons in it. I also still play Pokemon.

I am pretty sure I can crochet anything if you give me enough time to figure it out.

I am good at getting in over my head.

I like a clean house but I really REALLY hate to clean.

I drink too much coffee.

I do believe that Starbucks has better coffee than I can make at home, and that it is usually worth the price!

I want to have more kids of our own (at least one more) and then I want to adopt.

My husband and I have a very strange romantic history. It was love at first sight, then we hated each other for a while (really, yelling and screaming and getting in trouble with our teachers was the norm), then we became friends and fell in love all over again. He was my best friend, my first boyfriend and my only love.

I like to make 'just because' gifts for my friends and my mom, because it makes me proud of my work.

I am very good at keeping important secrets but very bad at keeping 'unimportant' ones.

I go barefoot as often as possible.

I was one of the people who started the mismatched socks trend- I did it before it was cool, I swear!

I also like to wear mismatched shoes, but they have to be the same style. I own five pairs of Converse high tops for this purpose.

I don't like to put pictures of myself on the internet.

I have some OCD and anxiety problems. They're pretty well under control, for now...
I like to obsessively sort things. I still manage to be really unorganized.

I have about a million allergies.

I'm one of those people who has more trouble gaining weight than losing it. It makes me want to apologize to people who have to diet and exercise, but I can't help it. I have to eat extra servings at meals to get enough calories. Sometimes I don't want to.
Posts like this make me feel really narcissistic and part of me likes that.

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  1. So my husband does the mismatched sock thing and it drives me crazy when I go to do laundry and there are all these socks but with no matches! And if only I could have your problem gaining weight I would be so happy.

  2. I too drink too much coffee! Starbucks is THE best! Thanks for sharing! :) My List:


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