Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doctor Who TARDIS coffee cozy

We’ve been making an effort to save money and the environment here at Nerd HQ. (Okay, mostly money, but the environmental impact is a great bonus.) Hubby takes a cup of coffee to work every day, and for a long time we relied mostly on disposable travel cups. We had re-usable mugs, but since they had to be hand washed they frustrated me. These new dishwasher safe travel mugs are exactly what The Doctor ordered. (Hah)

One problem… they don’t hold the heat especially well. They definitely needed a little help, so I knit this cozy using a pattern found on Ravelry. Originally it was meant to be a sock, but by only knitting the leg portion I had a perfectly sized coffee sleeve.


This was my first time knitting any color work, and it was a great challenge. I think it turned out really well!


Now Hubby has a little bit of nerdy goodness to wake him up in the morning.


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  1. This is so great! I love it... I don't really get the Dr.Who reference since I don't watch it but I can totally see this done with a Star Trek logo for my Hubs, or maybe one for me too... hehe Great job!


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