Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Patchwork and Handwriting Desk

Snow days are great for crafting!


This is the view from my front door right now. I thought about opening the door for a better view, but it’s COLD out there!

We’ll be stuck inside for a few days so I’m choosing to relax about housework and focus on a couple of bigger crafting projects instead. Chief among them is this little beauty!


This computer desk belonged to my husband all through high school. Structurally, it’s in fine shape, and the metal frame is very sturdy. The laminate finish was another story. Teenage boys are hard on their desks and it had nicks, scrapes, bubbles and even a carving or two. Frankly, if I’d had the option I think I would have sold this thing and gone looking for something else. Instead I had to go at it with paper and Mod Podge in hand. I’m really happy with the result! This is the type of bold, crazy-quilt finish I had in mind with the ribbon organizer. After my problems with that piece, it feels really good for this one to turn out so well.

From the beginning I wanted to make sure this was an original piece that really spoke for who I was. What is more individual than my own handwriting? I broke out the sharpies and doodled away!


Some simple words for inspiration and focus.


Gotta have a little Yoda wisdom.


Serendipity: good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.


A little hard to read, but it says: When in doubt, GO BIGGER, go brighter, go CRAZY! It’s kind of my personal crafting motto, so it’s right in front of my seat at the desk.


And last but certainly not least, I always keep Faith, Hope and Love close to my heart. (This is on the edge of the desk in front of my seat, so I mean that literally! I’m corny like that.)

Technically this is a “sneak peak” because it needs a few coats of Mod Podge Hard Coat. Otherwise this is what it will look like for at least a month. I want to make sure the Hard Coat really does hold up to some abuse before I go to the trouble of coating the shelves too. But considering that I’m already using the unfinished piece a little bit, I think it will be fine!


Making NightOwlCrafting


  1. Awe! I love it! Great choice of words for inspiration! I want a little crafty table that looks as cool as this! LOL

  2. Very cute and inspirational!! :)

  3. Hey
    I love that you have a dedicated place to work! My desk is the living room floor:)
    Nice job

  4. So gorgeous! As a patchworker and quilter I love the idea of having a desk that looks like patchwork!

  5. i featured this idea on my blog today..



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