Sunday, March 13, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Late February and early March are very busy when you are part of a Speech & Debate family. Hubby dearest started his student teaching under my father just in time to get thrown into the district tournament that we host. It means we went from having him done with class and home by the early afternoons, to working late into the evening with hardly a break for dinner. But let’s be honest here, he and I would have been volunteering to help even if he was not student teaching. Last year we brought along the three-month-old offspring and helped. Now that she has the ability to run around under her own power, it was both easier and harder, but we survived.

Immediately after we finished that hullaballoo, the little one got sick again, and was still sick when hubby had to leave for two days on yet another tournament trip. Now he’s home and she’s finally getting well, but I’m under the weather. I might have caught the bug that has been going around, but it could just as easily be sheer exhaustion from the stress of the last couple of weeks. I’m not good under pressure.

So, with all that going on I feel lucky that my house only looks like a tornado hit it and not a hurricane. I have been fighting the tide in an attempt to have a better organized kitchen, and I did succeed in revamping my silverware drawer and sink area, which I plan to write about soon.

In crafting news, I have to admit that I have failed in my stash bust resolution. Yarn is my weakness, and I completely caved when I found Palette Yarn.

It’s a fingering-weight yarn that comes in pretty much every color you can imagine. I love small, quick projects like doll clothes and kids’ hats so I am always looking for fine yarns, but Walmart is pretty much limited to baby yarns in pastel shades. Boring! I’m in love with the beautiful bold colors of Palette. I’m not admitting how much I have already bought, but I will admit that I now want every color.

In celebration of my yarn addiction, I decided to take up knitting again. I used to knit in high school, and I was delighted to discover that I still remembered how. I’ve made it my goal to learn how to knit in the round. I’m envisioning rainbow-hued wrist warmers made from my awesome Palette yarn. I love a new challenge!

Hopefully I’ll recover from this yucky bug quickly, because I am so ready to get back into routine with everyone healthy and happy. In the meantime, at least I have yarn.


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